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Attain Insight offers leading identity resolution, data security, business analytics, AI and location intelligence products, services and solutions that help clients get more value from their existing technology investments and elevate decision making for better business outcomes

Business Analytics

Complement your team with our deep expertise and wide range of Business Analytics services

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Security & Compliance

Get robust control and security over your directory services and applications to reduce risk and streamline business operations

Location Intelligence

Discover deeper insights into your data by adding geospatial analytics to your business intelligence

Identity Resolution

Discover relationships between people, places, and things so you can see what is hidden in plain sight

Attain Insight Security 4X® is an enterprise centralized security administration, access control and compliance management technology that allows you to manage complex security requirements and reduce your risk.

Security 4X connects to all the major security authentication platforms including Apache LDAP, Google Identity Services, HCL Domino Directory, NetIQ eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory and Okta. Security 4X streamlines operations by 90%, aids in planning and executing mass security changes, and provides a provable audit from day one.

Attain Insight Map IntelligenceTM is a location intelligence platform, plug and play with leading business analytic solutions, like IBM Cognos AnalyticsTM and SAP BusinessObjects and GIS platforms such as Esri® ArcGIS to help uncover hidden insights in your data.

Map Intelligence integrates both geospatial data and business intelligence data, with no programming required.

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Attain Insight Intrinsic™ helps enterprise customers establish relationships not easily seen. Gain insight, understanding and an informed ability to act on the threats and opportunities that exist within or outside your organization.

Establish relationships between many different types of identity in order to create a coherent picture of the links between entities and then optionally share either the real or anonymized data with other organizations.

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