S4X for License Compliance

Avoid Costly Impacts of Licensing Audits

Many companies struggle with keeping track of software licenses, leaving them vulnerable to an unpleasant software licensing audit that may include significant financial penalties. IBM Cognos licensing is complex. Below are questions to help you know if you have a licensing issue right now.

      1. Do you know the exact licenses that you have purchased that are documented in Passport Advantage?
      2. Do you understand what functionality is tied to the licenses you own? 
      3. What licenses are actually being used in your current Cognos environment?
      4. Are you sure that you are compliant right now?

Security 4X provides an automated process to optimize access control and license management. With detailed reports at administrators’ fingertips, audits are fast and pain-free, resulting in few, if any, charges, and penalties.

With Security 4X for License Compliance, you can:

Eliminate manual tracking, which is prone to error, lacks transparency and can’t be easily audited or validated

Centralize reporting to accurately reflect the number of licensed (and non-licensed) users

Reduce the amount of time and human-capital costs of a lengthy discovery audit

Avoid costly penalties with robust license management reports

Identify duplication, errors, and employee turn-over, allowing for licenses to be reallocated and contract terms optimized

Get real-time reporting and prevent future audit concerns

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