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Public Safety

Ensuring Public Safety

Digital surveillance methods including new facial recognition technology are increasingly being adopted for public safety and intelligence collection applications.  Facial recognition is likely to play a bigger role in the future because of its ability to identify individuals at a distance and because of its low cost.

The privacy and legal concerns of increasing digital surveillance are apparent, including the potential infringement of individual rights. Governments are overhauling various legislative areas from biometric data collection through to enabling changes for law enforcement and homeland security.  In addition, the rules regarding capture, storage and sharing of facial Images and other biometric information are becoming more stringent.

The contentious balance between privacy rights and the needs of law enforcement is an ongoing difficult issue. Law-aligned agencies want to leverage these new collection methods (e.g. license plate readers and facial recognition), which offer considerable advantages including accelerated and automated intelligence collection.

High Fidelity PII Removal Technology

Anonymized biometrics address a number of barriers in both private and government sector organizations, particularly now that high fidelity solutions like Attain Insight Intrinsic are available. The time to results is also compelling as Intrinsic can often add value to existing industry intelligence solutions. 

Attain Insight Intrinsic is a unique technology that enables organizations to collect anonymized surveillance data including facial recognition feeds.  Intrinsic is a high fidelity PII Removal Technology.  High fidelity means that match capabilities are indistinguishable from the match accuracy from using original personal data samples.

Public Safety Applications

In Public Safety, anonymized surveillance data allows an organization to recognize whether an individual has been seen before, when and with whom without revealing the person’s identity (privacy protected). This means augmented intelligence collection can start without complex and lengthy authorization processes. In essence, information gaps can be quickly and automatically filled in, saving thousands of hours of manual intelligence work.

Intrinsic has many Public Safety applications, including:

  • Broad intelligence collection
  • Matching individuals against lists 
  • Imposter detection
  • Retail theft
  • Organized crime intelligence

Talk to Attain Insight to find out how this breakthrough innovation can help your public safety or law-enforcement objectives.



Intrinsic’s new anonymization component, announced in 2024, is the first published solution in a new and distinct class of PII Removal Techniques (PRTs) that significantly reduce regulatory and custodial responsibilities by removing PII and are compliant with privacy policies in most countries and jurisdictions, including Five Eyes countries – Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and member countries of the European Union.

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