S4X for Data Security

Accelerate the Data Security Configuration Process

Providing access to data can be complex to implement, even for the smallest of models. In IBM Cognos, each of the data publication tools (i.e., Framework Manager, TM1, and Transformer) have different interfaces for securing data. A simple security configuration can easily require thousands of steps to implement and specialist skills for each data administration product.

Security 4X brings automation and acceleration tools to the data security configuration process for IBM Cognos Analytics to ensure that security is implemented consistently across a complex data model. 

Security 4X provides data security modules for OLAP and Relational Reporting. This includes: Data Modules, Framework Manager, TM1, and Transformer based models.

For each model Security 4X can help define and answer the following questions related to data security:

  1. What is the model definition (i.e., model structure)?
  2. What data objects are being secured?
  3. What are the “group/filter” pairs that govern access to data? 
  4. What can users see/do based upon their security rights?

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