S4X for Group & Membership Management

Streamlines the process for group and membership management

Granting user access to content and data is one of the biggest organizational costs to worker productivity. Users often need immediate access to content and data. Making a security change in most organizations requires the submission of a ticket, ticket assignment to a support worker, approvals, and finally addressing the actual ticket itself. 

Security 4X addresses Group and Membership administration in two broad ways: granting user access and delegating administrative rights.

Diagtam of S4X for Group management - granting user access

The Security 4X administration console streamlines the process for group and membership management into a few clicks rather than thousands of manual steps. It provides the ability to easily and quickly:

      1. Create security policies (the combination of multiple groups/rights)
      2. Assign users to policies
      3. Create templates for assigning security

The use of policies addresses the one-to-many aspect of security where a policy can have multiple groups. By assigning users to policies (instead of to distinct groups), administrators are able to be highly efficient in the provisioning of security.

Security 4X has a web-based administration portal, called “WebGrant”, that significantly reduces IT workload by allowing IT to delegate some administrative authority to business administrators who can independently add and remove users from groups. WebGrant allows authorized business users (who know what is happening in the organization) to make real-time changes to security authorizations. This offloads the administrative burden from IT. WebGrant also comes with its own audit reports to provide visibility and traceability on all membership changes.

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