S4X for Content Security

Automate and Accelerate IBM Cognos Content Security Administration

There are 170+ security objects in IBM Cognos (e.g., Folders, Data Sources, Packages, etc.), making the manual tracking of content security practically impossible to implement by manual means. 

Attain Insight Security 4X brings automation and administrative “acceleration” tools to each of the objects with IBM Cognos to ease the burden of administrators. With Security 4X, administrators can easily configure security within Cognos, create “policies” that address the 1-to-many aspects of security administration, and provide a controlled delegation of security to key business users through a user-friendly web-based tool.

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Secure all Cognos Content

Security 4X can secure any or all of the 170+ objects within the Cognos Content Store. Security 4X addresses security on the most common objects, as well as objects that are often of secondary focus to administrators.

The top ten most common security focus areas include:

      • Folders
      • Packages
      • Capabilities
      • Data Sources
      • Content Type
      • Capabilities
      • Roles
      • Job Definitions
      • Reports
      • Report Views

For each environment, Security 4X reports can answer the following types of questions related to content security:

      1. Who authorized access to each object? 
      2. Who is authorized now to provide access to Cognos Content?
      3. Who can access each object inside of Cognos?
      4. What objects are being secured?
      5. How have authorizations changed over time? By user? By object?
      6. When did authorizations take effect?

What Our Customers Have to Say

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