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IBM Cognos Analytics is an enterprise-class business intelligence suite of solutions that provides reporting, analytics, score carding, and monitoring capabilities across use cases for an organization’s knowledge workers and frontline workers.

The collection and analysis of data is fundamental for every organization. IBM’s Business Analytics solutions use AI to accelerate data analysis so organizations can go beyond the what and get to the why and what’s next with confidence.

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IBM Cognos Analytics lets you:
    • Find answers others cannot by using AI and machine learning
    • Unearth information that may not be obvious or expected using pattern detection
    • Create and easily share stunning, system-recommended visualizations in diverse formats
    • Pose questions about your data and receive intelligent responses with natural language-powered AI assistant
    • Reduce the time needed for data preparation through automation and built-in intelligence
    • Customize the solution to meet the needs of your entire organization, whether you want to deploy on premises or on cloud, for one user to thousands of users.

Key Features

Prepare & Connect Data Automatically

Save time cleaning your data with AI-assisted data preparation. Clean and prep data from multiple sources, add calculated fields, join data, and create new tables.

Create Dynamic Dashboards Easily

Quickly create compelling, interactive dashboards. Drag and drop data to create auto-generated visualizations, drill down for more detail, and share using email or Slack.

Uncover Hidden Patterns

Ask the AI assistant a question in plain language and see the answer in a visualization. Use time series modeling to predict seasonal trends.

Create & Deliver Personalized Reports

Keep your stakeholders up-to-date, automatically. Create and share dynamic personalized, multi-page reports in the formats your stakeholders want.

Gain Insights

Get deeper insights without a data science background. Validate what you know, identify what you don’t with statistically accurate time-series forecasting and pinpoint patterns to consider. 

Go Mobile

Stay connected on the go with the IBM Cognos Analytics mobile app. Access data and get alerts right from your phone, 24/7.


Contact us to discuss the option that is right for you:

Trial Edition

Free trial of Premium edition for Cognos Analytics

Premium Edition

Full Cognos Analytics Capabilities

Enterprise Edition

Powered to meet critical enterprise needs in a dedicated environment

Get a complete and proven security solution for IBM Cognos

Attain Insight Security 4X provides an error-free, auditable method to secure data, administer users, and manage license compliance for IBM Cognos Analytics.

Extend the power of IBM Cognos with Map Intelligence

Attain Insight Map IntelligenceTM is a plug and play extension to IBM Cognos Analytics that can link to GIS servers like Esri®. It enables the direct integration, overlay and navigation of map data and other third-party data sources, without any programming.

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