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Identity & Relationship Resolution

Discover Hidden Threats and Opportunities among Individuals or Entities

Are you looking to understand the people who form your community, workforce or with whom you do business?  Or to understand relationships between entities? With Attain Insight’s Identity and Relationship Resolution solution, you can establish “who is who?”, “who knows who?” and “who does what?”. Discover non-obvious relationships between people, places, and things.  Advanced recognition algorithms, analytics and event monitoring provide powerful intelligence into the threats and opportunities that might exist in your organization, your customers, your community, or entities your organization deals with.

Intrinsic incorporates a proven identity and analytics capability that uncovers relationships between individuals and groups and individuals with multiple identities. If a pattern is detected or new intelligence is available, whether involving a good, bad or unknown actor, the system proactively generates alerts.

Using advanced algorithms Intrinsic establishes relationships between entities, events and timelines in data from any number of sources including record systems, as well as external data sources from other organizations or even social media.

Identity & Relationship Resolution Applications

Intrinsic’s Identity and Relationship Resolution component is used by some of the largest law enforcement organizations in the world, including:

  • Anti-money laundering (AML) services
  • Casinos
  • Credit organizations
  • Homeland security 
  • Leading banking organizations
  • Tax agencies
  • And more

Talk to Attain Insight about how Intrinsic can help customers in industries such as manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, higher education, advertising and defense.

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