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Identity and Biometrics

Attain Insight Intrinsic is the first Identity solution to introduce high fidelity anonymization for biometric data as a result of a significant innovation announced in early 2024.  

Adding this to Intrinsic’s existing support for non-biometric Identity processing, Intrinsic is now the only Identity solution to fully support both biometric and non-biometric data.

Intrinsic’s platform of modular components can help your organization meet a wide range of identity needs from marketing to authentication to public safety, with or without the use of biometrics. Intrinsic is a break-through collection of integrated components available individually or together to build a solution that addresses the Identity needs of every organization.

Here are the main areas where Intrinsic can help:


Public Safety

Intrinsic is a unique technology that enables public safety organizations to collect and share anonymized data to find hidden relationships that would take thousands of staff hours to determine manually.  More importantly, information collection can happen without the delays or the complexity of authorization procedures required for Person of Interest (POI) surveillance. The once common practice of inter-organization data sharing is increasingly restricted due to transparency, accountability and privacy rules, but using anonymized data matching between organizations is low risk and targeted to achieve exchange only where individuals were matched through an anonymized comparison process.

Image depicting Attain Insight Privacy Extension for Identity Insight

Biometric Data & Privacy

Biometric data has many applications due to its unique and irreplicable nature. It is an important source of information because unlike many other types of identifying information, biometrics are difficult to manipulate. However, while beneficial for many applications from public safety to authentication and identity verification, there are growing concerns about the security risks of this very personal information. These include unauthorized use and unauthorized sharing, particularly with technologies like facial recognition, automated web scraping and artificial intelligence. Attain Insight Intrinsic offers a high-fidelity solution to anonymize biometric data, preserving match accuracy while mitigating the majority of privacy concerns, regulatory risks, and associated costs.

Identity and Relationship Resolution

Intrinsic’s optional Identity and Relationship Resolution module incorporates a proven identity and analytics capability that establishes relationships between entities, events, places and timelines in collected data. Advanced recognition algorithms, analytics and event monitoring provide powerful intelligence into the threats and opportunities that might exist in your organization, your customers, your community, or entities your organization deals with. Now with newly added support for biometric data, sources such facial recognition feeds can form an important part of identifying non-obvious relationships between individuals and entities.

Understanding people with Attain Insight's Identity and Relationship Resolution
Visual representation of Attain Insight's Security Measures

Privacy Protection

Intrinsic is a new and innovative platform of modules that includes the ability to anonymize user identifying information, whether biometric or not. Everything from driver’s licenses to facial recognition biometric data can be anonymized in a way that still supports high fidelity matching, but does not retain personally identifying information (PII).  According to GDPR, anonymized data is low risk from a security perspective because it cannot be ‘decoded’ or linked back to any specific individual, meaning that an individual’s privacy has been protected while allowing organizations to meet their business needs, without putting personal privacy at risk.

Authentication and Identity Verification

Biometric data is increasingly being used for authentication and identity verification because it is difficult to falsify, and capturing biometric data is becoming more and more cost effective. However, biometric capture is also highly sensitive from a security perspective because of the risk of misuse when biometric samples fall into the wrong hands. Attain Insight Intrinsic includes the world’s first PII removal component that removes PII from a biometric sample. This renders the sample useless if accidently exposed, shared or stolen in a cyber event. Anonymized biometric samples have no discernable link to an individual but still support high fidelity matching for authentication and identity verification.  

Identity Classification

Many organizations have found it necessary to understand the different audiences that use their facilities. Traditional techniques can be problematic because of their use and storage of personally identifying information. Attain Insight Intrinsic allows organizations to implement anonymized identity classification, which will confirm if a person is a member of a classification without retaining or disclosing the individual’s identity. The technology ensures secure and anonymized identification for diverse environments, from retirement homes to educational institutions and retail settings.

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