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Security Administration and Compliance Solution

Security is all about “the data.”

Many people use the term “data security” when they speak broadly about security. Attain Insight has found that security breaks down into a host of areas that include data, content, functionality, memberships, and more. Each has its own nuances and impacts how we authorize users in pursuit of the true role appropropriate view. Read on to learn more. 

Streamline And Automate Security Administration

Compliance regulations around the world are more and more pervasive as we continue in the digital age. If your organization is concerned about data security, data privacy or content security, then security is at the center of how you control access to information. 

All too often, implementing security to align with regulatory or compliance standards is a tedious, cumbersome, and manual process. It is inefficient and relies on people rather than well-formed security policies that apply security changes automatically and without fail.

Attain Insight Security 4X™ allows you to streamline and automate security administration processes including granting user access, delegating admin rights, and managing environments, while providing an audit of all changes. 

S4X Policy Management Infographic
S4X Screenshot

A Common Control Point

The security management challenge for most organizations is focused on two areas: Directory Services and Applications.

Directory Services

Security 4X is a centralized security administration and compliance management solution, built to handle complex enterprise security requirements for Apache LDAP, Google Identity Services, HCL Domino Directory (Domino Directory), Microfocus or Novell eDirectory, Microsoft Active Directory and Okta.


For business analytics applications such as IBM Cognos Analytics, Security 4X provides a complete solution for data and content security, role-based access control (RBAC), and license compliance.

Managing security across directory services and applications has its complexities. Security 4X provides a common control point for each. If you are migrating from one environment to another, Security 4X has tools to streamline your migration processes.

The entire Security 4X framework is designed to provide a rapidly provable audit and to streamline security processes by 90% or more. Security 4X will save your team time and money, and improve outcomes through a more reliable way to implement security.

Key Features

For Operations:
  • Easy to use and install – can get up and running immediately with no downtime or IT intervention required
  • A modular approach for ease of policy management such as data security, audit, content security, and license management
  • Web-based approach for managing group membership changes
  • The ability to delegate membership management to authorized business users
  • Centralized security console for creating and managing security policies for content, data, and metrics
For Security Planning and Modeling:
  • A consistent methodology for the implementation of complex security initiatives across multiple environments, such as Development, QA, and Production
  • Tools that allow administrators to model, test, and rollback large scale security changes across complex environments.
For Compliance:
  • Software license compliance, utilization, and optimization reporting
  • Compliance reporting and provable, full audit trail of all changes to security.

Security 4X Modules

For Operations:
  • Group & Membership Management
    Security 4X’s Group and Membership Management tools drive consistency in security implementations that are not possible through manual means. Security can be implemented via the web or through a security console. Security 4X also has a series of widgets to streamline commonly used processes like migrating security from one server to another.
  • Web-Based Security Delegation

    Security 4X addresses the workflow challenge related to security. In most organizations, a security task is implemented through a ticket that is submitted. An IT person actions the ticket (when they have time), implements the security, and closes the ticket. Security 4X WebGrant is a web-based administration portal that significantly reduces IT workload by allowing business administrators to independently add and remove users from groups, delegate authority and implement security changes in real time. Changes are logged and are instantly visible to IT via Security 4X Audit Reports.

  • Content Security
    For clients who want to control access to content objects (i.e., folders, reports, documents, packages, data sources, etc.) Security 4X provides a governed and repeatable approach for managing content security.

  • Data Security
    If you require data security Security 4X provides a highly repeatable approach for implementing complex data security.

For Planning:
  • Authoring and Modeling of Mass Security Changes
    Security 4X provides a host of tools for planning, authoring, and modeling mass security changes. If your organization has a need to move security across tiers or even across platforms, Security 4X has the tools, automation, audit, and reporting capabilities that will allow you to seamlessly implement security.
For Compliance:
  • Security Audit Reporting
    With Security 4X, you will have a provable, real-time audit that is up to date as security changes are being made. The 25+ standardized security reports will take the guessing out of the current state of security across your environments. 
  • License Compliance
    License compliance is serious business. Security 4X for License Compliance helps organizations ensure that actual access is aligned with purchased licenses.  All too often there is a knowledge gap between technical staff and the contract signatory that leads to financial consequences. Let Attain Insight help you to be proactive.