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Get deeper insights into your business performance with Attain Insight Map Intelligence™

About Attain Insight Map Intelligence

Attain Insight Map Intelligence bridges the gap between Business Intelligence (BI) applications and geographic data, giving business users the ability to visualize and interact with multiple time and location-based data sets simultaneously on a map. Map Intelligence powers GIS analytic capabilities within your business analytics platform. No code is required to leverage existing investments in GIS solution providers. 

If you are currently using sophisticated Business Intelligence tools, you likely have some mapping capabilities, but they are often limited to single data sets or just one or two metrics. Map Intelligence has a rich arsenal of spatial tools tightly integrated into your familiar BI environment, so you can make better decisions around how to optimize sales and operations based on location intelligence. With Map Intelligence, you can quickly and easily organize layers-upon-layers of mapping data at various levels to form a highly interactive, intuitive, and navigable user experience.

Map Intelligence is designed for dynamic use in a web-browser with or without BI integration.

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Maps isolated on layers

Merging Location into Data Analysis for Powerful Decision-making

Map Intelligence supports seamless integration with advanced analytic platforms such as IBM Cognos Analytics, and can link to GIS solution providers and technology platforms such as Esri®. Map Intelligence provides a powerful location analytics capability. 

While Cognos provides the reporting platform and Esri provides the data foundation, Map Intelligence bridges an important gap by providing an easy way to organize mapping into interactive layers without the need to write a line of code. Users benefit by having mapping data at various interactive layers that are easy to view through an intuitive and navigable user experience.

Map Intelligence works with Google Earth and Microsoft Excel to export spatial analytics generated from Business Applications. With Map Intelligence, flexible spatial analysis is now more accessible and affordable to a wide range of non-technical businesses users.

A diagram explain how Attain Insight Map Intelligence works

missing your Esri ArcGIS Maps & Reports?

Map Intelligence offers a complete and scalable solution for customers who wish to leverage Esri maps and layers inside business analytic applications like IBM Cognos Analytics. Unlike other mapping options, Map Intelligence provides direct, dynamic, and high-performance integration with Esri ArcGIS® as well as advanced spatial analytic features and visualization capabilities for all end-users.

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Integrated Geographics for Business and Government

Merging Location with Data Analytics and Reporting

Map Intelligence offers:

  • One Location Intelligence platform for all in-house analytic products
  • No coding required 
  • Focus on your data not technology – fast, iterative analysis and reporting
  • A rich suite of location based visualizations easily augmented with web services
  • An extensible, evolving, and future proofed product
  • No training or special expertise required
Integrated Geographics

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