S4X for Compliance & Audit Reporting

Get Comprehensive Access Control Audit Reporting

For organizations that want comprehensive access control audit and compliance reporting across their analytic applications, or who are concerned about duplicate identities, access privilege risks introduced by role changes, or help desk errors, this module provides identity resolution capabilities with options for customized workflow and risk processing logic to ensure high integrity identity assurance as well as conditional, dynamic or situational access control. Security 4X comes with a battery of audit reports that provide the provable audit you require to truly know the status of authorizations.

Answer Key Security Questions

For all of the namespaces that we support, Security 4X audit reports answer the following types of questions related to group and membership administration:

        1. Who has the authority to grant access?
        2. What areas of my environment are governed by Security 4X today?
        3. What policies are in place today? 
        4. Which groups are related to which policies?
        5. Who belongs to each group/policy?
        6. What security changes have happened historically? To policies? To groups? To users?
        7. How many users can access various types of content?
        8. When do security grants take effect?
Image of digital swirls and lock to represent S4X for security audit reporting key questions

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