S4X User Provisioning

Streamline End-User Account Provisioning and Access


User provisioning and deprovisioning is an important task for every organization for security and compliance purposes. IT teams are inundated with new account requests, share drive access requests, permission changes, setting new passwords or managing password recovery requests and account decommissioning on a daily basis, which creates a huge administration burden and pressure on the teams.


Security 4X User Provisioning allows organizations to meet complex IT password and user administration requirements for thousands of users with options for different configurations and access rules based on business group, geography role or any other parameters, providing the lowest overall administration cost in accordance with strict IT security standards.

Image depicting password management

Findings: 1000+ user deployments for the greatest ROI: Operational provisioning and deprovisioning automation estimated ROI of 496% and migration provisioning to new systems and applications ROI of 332%.

Key Features

  • Enterprise User Provisioning and Deprovisioning
  • Optional configurations and default attributes for different groups of users
  • Optional default permissions and share drive access for different user groups
  • Scheduled Authorizations for contract workers, new hires, reorganizations, M&A and salesforce territory reassignments
  • Setting of passwords on new Accounts
  • Enterprise Password Recovery
  • Password Synchronization across multiple directory servers, application or domains
  • Automatic Multilingual Notification system

Security Measures

Security 4X User Provisioning has these capabilities to meet IT security needs:

  • Support for parallel update of directory servers
  • Batch processing for authorized user updates
  • Password Recovery rules to meet IT policies
  • Secure and time-sensitive links for password updates
  • Audit Reporting
Visual representation of Attain Insight's Security Measures

Password Recovery

Security 4X User Provisioning has the following capabilities for password management:

  • Web-based authorized user administration page
  • Status and date activation/deactivation options
  • Multilingual support (English, French and other languages available as options)
  • Configurable email notifications before expiry as preferred (e.g. 5 days, 3 days, 1 day before expiry)
  • Email notification after password has expired with instructions on reactivation
  • Opt-out for users who should not receive reminders

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