Security 4X for Regulatory Compliance

Content access, data protection and compliance

Security 4X is a centralized security administration and compliance management solution, purpose-built to handle complex enterprise security requirements across the full suite of IBM Business Analytics products including IBM Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics, Framework Manager, TM1, Transformer …and other products that use LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory.

Streamline and Automate Security Administration and User-Access Control Processes

Security implementations are time consuming, difficult and error prone. Even small security deployments involve multiple application instances and environments, and thousands of granular security rules. Security 4X simplifies all this and ensures that information is accessible only to those authorized, and that all changes to security are tracked, leaving you with a low overhead solution fully compliant with IT and industry standards across all environments and application instances (including standards such as ITIL, ISO/IEC 27002, NIST 800-53r4 and ITSG-33 Annex 4a)

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