Attain Insight Unveils a Significant Innovation in Privacy Technology for Facial Recognition and Biometric Data

Image of 4 people surrounding a computer and some illustrations representing Attain Insight Intrinsic.

Facial recognition technology is being increasingly adopted for a wide variety of purposes including surveillance, access control, payment authentication, and identity verification. However, its prevalence raises significant privacy and security concerns from the risk of data breaches, particularly when personal Information, or biometric data such as facial imagery is involved. As well concern over public surveillance, and the potential infringement of individual rights is increasing. Organizations also face strict rules regarding the capture, storage and sharing of facial Images and other biometric information. Often this means, for example, that facial recognition data can’t be shared with affiliated organizations for privacy reasons, and as a result this significantly limits potential benefits, including fraud detection, work place safety and fighting crime.

To address these limitations, we have added a new Privacy component to our Identity Resolution Platform, Attain Insight IntrinsicTM,  for facial recognition and other biometric data collection. This is a game-changing technology that allows organizations to remove personally identifiable information (PII) from biometric data without losing match fidelity. Organizations can now take specially anonymized biometric data including facial recognition data and still achieve high accuracy matching.

“We are excited to unveil Attain Insight Intrinsic’s new functionality, which represents a significant breakthrough for organizations that work with biometric and facial recognition data,” said Paul Hulford, CEO of Attain Insight. “With this technology, organizations can now share anonymized facial recognition data with other parties to identify people of interest and to deter or prevent fraudulent or criminal activity, improve social service offerings or assess opportunities for collaboration between organizations. And this can be achieved while maintaining compliance with privacy legislation.”

Attain Insight Intrinsic is now available and can be used to secure and disseminate biometric and other non-biometric identity information, including cell phone, driver’s license, banking, and social security data. To find out more about Attain Insight Intrinsic or see it in action, contact us today.


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