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Identity and Relationship Resolution

Discover Hidden Threats and Opportunities in Your Organization

Are you looking to understand the people who form your community, workforce or with whom you do business?  With Attain Insight’s Identity and Relationship Resolution solution, you can establish “who is who?”, “who knows who?” and “who does what?” in your data and discover non-obvious relationships between people, places, and things.  Advanced recognition algorithms, analytics and event monitoring provide powerful intelligence into the threats and opportunities that might exist in your organization, your customers, or your community.

Understanding people with Attain Insight's Identity and Relationship Resolution

Attain Insight Intrinsic
The only privacy solution that provides anonymity for biometric and non-biometric data.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection enables organizations to:

  • Secure and anonymize Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, including facial recognition and other biometric data
  • Exchange sensitive data with other organizations
  • Support inter-organization anti-fraud projects without exposing PII data
  • Find data records in common with another organization without sharing PII data

This capability, offered only by Attain Insight can assist with intelligence collection, anti-fraud practices, and improved government programming.

Image depicting Attain Insight Privacy Extension for Identity Insight
IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight

Identity Resolution

Intrinsic incorporates a proven identity and analytics capability that uncovers relationships between individuals and groups and individuals with multiple identities. If a pattern is detected, whether involving a good actor or bad actor, the system proactively generates alerts. Using advanced algorithms Intrinsic establishes relationships between entities, events and timelines in data from any number of sources including record systems, facial recognition and other biometric data capture sources, as well as external data including from other organizations or social media.

Global Name Management

Global Name Management helps to manage, search, analyze, and compare multicultural name data sets by leveraging culture-specific name data and linguistic rules. Cultural variations and matches can be identified through powerful search capabilities. Identify correct names using knowledge-based name matching that considers every name to greatly reduce false negatives and false positives. Use powerful ranking analytics to score and rank results by linguistic characteristics or know cultural variations. Classify the cultural heritage, country of association and gender, as well as transliterations from various language groups.

IBM InfoSphere Global Name Management


Intrinsic includes a leading Enterprise Analytics solution that supports large-scale and controlled distribution of intelligence and insight with ease. Assisted intelligence is built right into the platform to discover and deliver actionable intelligence including interactive visualizations, reports and storyboards that can easily be shared with others while still following all required access and protocol rules.

Geospatial Intelligence

Intrinsic includes a Geospatial Analytics component that provides geospatial visualizations and spatial analysis capabilities to support analysis and intelligence gathering.  It also allows organizations to include external geospatial data sources directly into their analytic platform.

Integrated Geographics
Image of digital swirls and lock to represent S4X for security audit reporting key questions

Access Management

Intrinsic includes an access management solution, which manages sharing of intelligence between different groups, teams or third parties even when access rules are complex and/or data specific. This allows an organization to work with other external parties and still meet privacy, regulatory and all protocol requirements related to data sharing between individuals, groups or teams.

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