Map Intelligence 4.26 for IBM Cognos Analytics Has Arrived!

May 1, 2023

It’s time to get serious about moving beyond simple map charts to full Location Intelligence (LI) within your IBM Cognos Analytics dashboards and stories. The new Map Intelligence v4.26 from Attain Insight makes it easy to use advanced map visualizations and spatial analytics within IBM Cognos Analytics without writing a single line of code, whether you have in-house LI technology (such as Esri ArcGIS) or not. We’ve revamped the platform to improve performance and make future upgrades easier to develop and deploy.

Here are some highlights of the new features:

  • Map Intelligence (MI) Support for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2.4
  • User interface and ease-of-use improvements
  • Introduction of the new license compliance administration
  • Updated installer and uninstaller for MI Connector
  • New imagery including Attain Insight icons, graphics and logos
  • Updated license agreement terms

According to IBM Offering Management, “Map Intelligence from Attain Insight provides an easy bridge to advanced spatial visualization and analytics within IBM Cognos Analytics. Its latest upgrade to support IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2.4 means users can continue to leverage their LI assets on the latest release and take advantage of new spatial visualization and analysis features.”

Want to know more about Map Intelligence before you get started? Download the fact sheet or book a personalized demo.


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